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Natural sources from the Ultental Valley
Beauty and wellness treatments

The farmer Traudi Schwienbacher from Ultental knows everything about herbs. She grows different herbs at her farm Wegleit Hof and gives visitors' an insight into this world. We use these herbs in our Ulten treatments according to Traudi Schwiebacher.

"Wellbeing package"
... the perfect way to end a beautiful day!
1 whey-honey bath acc. to Traudi Schwienbacher - 1 relaxing massage
Calming and relaxing bath with intensive skin care; strengthens the immune system.
50 Min. 62,00 €
"Wellbeing package"
... do something for your wellbeing!
1 hay flower herbs bath acc. to T. Schw.
1 relaxing massage
The power of water and the high-quality essences of hay flower return your body into balance with nature.
50 Min. 62,00 €
Alpine rose-mountain pine bath acc. to Traudi Schwienbacher
...a true pleasure for all your senses!
The scent of roses harmonises your feelings, calms your nerves and improves your mood! Afterwards you relax with a cup of herbal infusion.
20 Min. 25,00 €
Honey-whey bath acc. to Traudi Schwienbacher
...caresses your body, spirit and soul!
The renowned remedy whey has been prescribed by the known doctor Hippocrates in case of gout and liver diseases. Whey is supposed to make slim, beautiful and fit! It contains lactic acid, lactose, potassium, calcium, vitamin B1 and B6 and high-quality protein. Honey calms the skin and loosens muscle tensions after hiking or skiing.
You experience an intensive care and harmonisation of the entire body. Afterwards you relax with a herbal infusion.
20 Min. 25,00 €
Hay flower-herbal bath
...riechen Sie den Blütenduft einer Bergwiese im Sommer !
Beruhigendes und entspannendes Bad, das die Elastizität des Bindegewebes verbessert, die Durchblutung fördert und den Gewebestoffwechsel aktiviert. Dadurch werden die körpereigenen Abwehrkräfte erhöht und das Bad wirkt schmerzlindernd bei Rheuma, Haut-Nieren- und Blasenleiden. Anschließend nachruhen mit Kräutertee
20 Min. 25,00 €
Full-body relaxation message with alpine rose-mountain pine acc. to Traudi Schwienbacher
The unique oil of alpine rose and mountain pine prepared in the kingdom of herbs Wegleit spoils your skin and senses.
50 Min. 59,00 €
Relaxing massage
with selected organic fragrances. The fragrances are tuned to your wishes and problems (relaxing, calming, vitalising, tightening or revitalising).
Full-body massage - 50 Min. 59,00 €
Partial massage - 25 Min. 39,00 €
Honey massage - full body - 50 Min. 64,00 €
Honey massage - back - 25 Min. 45,00 €
Hay flower-herbal bath

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